Wednesday, June 23, 2010

United for Education – Investment not Cuts!

A broad coalition of education unions have united to defend education against the brutal assault the coalition government is carrying out.

The National Union of Students has taken the welcomed step to join forces with the ATL, EIS, GMB, UCU, UNITE and UNISON in the United for Education coalition.

United for Education has launched a petition which has thousands of signatures:

We the undersigned note that the new government is planning further cuts to public spending at a time when the sector has suffered cuts of hundreds of millions of pounds leading to the loss of thousands of jobs and placing tens of thousands more at risk.

We further note that for the first time in decades our education sector is shrinking and a generation will be locked out of the education system.

We believe that education is a gateway to aspiration and a condition of future prosperity, and we urge the government to emulate those countries who are investing in education to combat the recession.

We therefore support the United for Education coalition's call to stop the cuts in colleges and universities and to return to proper investment in the interests of our communities and our future prosperity.”

You can sign the petition here:

The coalition has also tabled an Early Day Motion which rejects the idea of lifting the cap on student top-up fees and points out that investment in education, rather than cuts, will ensure a skilled workforce to aid economic recovery. You can read the EDM, including which MPs have signed it here:

47 MPs have signed up so far – now is the time to lobby our MPs asking them to sign up too.

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