Thursday, November 25, 2010

Students need another national demo against higher fees – the NUS Black Students’ Campaign will organise it

Ahead of the student day of action on Wednesday 24th November against the government’s deep education cuts and plans to dramatically increase tuition fees, NUS Black Students’ Officer Kanja Sesay announced that the Black Students’ Campaign will organise a national protest alongside other student groups, outside Parliament ahead of the vote in the Commons if the NUS does not do so.

Kanja Sesay, NUS Black Students’ Officer said:

“On the 10th November tens of thousands of students marched outside Parliament in opposition to the government’s plans to treble tuition fees and implement savage education cuts. It proved that young people are willing to fight against this vicious assault on our future. We must unite and build on this momentum.

“The NUS should be central to organising another national demonstration on the weekend before the vote in Parliament. Mobilising tens of thousands of students, lecturers, parents and the wider public is the most effective way of putting maximum pressure on MPs – especially those Lib Dems who said they’d oppose fees – to vote against the government’s plan to kick away the ladder of opportunity for generations to come.”

Kanja added:

“If the NUS refuses to take the initiative, the Black Students’ Campaign will take the lead and join with other student groups to organise a national, peaceful protest outside Parliament.”

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