Friday, December 3, 2010

Conference cancellation underlines unpopularity of Lib Dems fees policy

Friday 3rd December

London Liberal Democrats today faced the ignominy of having to cancel their prestigious annual London conference after two venues cancelled their booking to hold their conference on Saturday 4th December 2010.

Initially planned for Haverstock School in Camden, the head teacher refused permission to the Lib Dems to hold it at the school after demonstrators against the tuition fees rise and the abolition of Educational Maintenance Grant organised a protest at the school.

Two hours later, after advertising a new venue on their website, the Lib Dems were forced to accept that their toxic reputation meant that they would have to cancel their London conference when the second venue pulled out.

Protest organizer Fiona Edwards, of the Free Education Campaign, said:

“We now have 6 days to save our education. It is not too late for the Lib Dems to keep the promise they made to students that they would reject higher fees.

A free market in fees is a Tory policy cooked up by the heirs of Thatcher and the Lib Dems should not go along with it.”

Notes to Editor

1. This peaceful protest was being organized by the Free Education Campaign and supported by a range of organizations including the NUS Black Students’ Campaign, NUS LGBT Campaign, Compass Youth and others.
2. For all press enquiries contact Free Education Campaign Secretary Fiona Edwards on 07900922766. Email:
The Free Education Campaign’s blog:
Twitter: @free_edcampaign

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