Saturday, December 11, 2010

Teenagers charged by police horses outside Parliament whilst MPs vote away their future

Scenes of disgusting police violence & brutality against protesters played out on the streets outside Parliament in the bitter cold on Thursday. At the same time the Tories rammed through legislation to treble tuition fees - with the decisive support of half of the Lib Dem MPs.

The National Union of Students shamefully refused to organise a national demonstration of the day of the vote and has gone on the condemn the protest of tens of thousands that was organised by ULU and London Region UCU instead. The NUS also has failed to condemn the police brutality and violence against student protesters.

The University College Union (UCU) has issued the following statement about the protest on 9th December:

"The coalition government have won a vote but lost the argument over tuition fees.

Once again the democratic deficit in British society has been revealed as being as wide as ever.

The government that does not have a mandate for cuts and has ministers who were elected on the basis of opposition to tuition fee rises should be ashamed of themselves for ignoring the wishes of the overwhelming majority.

UCU is committed to non-violence but no-one should be shocked at the rage that young people showed at the betrayal of election promises and at their protest against cuts in EMA benefits and the raising of tuition fees.

UCU condemns the brutal attacks on our young people by riot police and calls for a TUC and public inquiry into police tactics.

UCU today reaffirms its wholehearted commitment to continue to defend education for all and calls upon the trade union movement to actively support legitimate forms of student protest."

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