Friday, December 17, 2010

Open Letter: Let’s organize together a united conference for free education and against education cuts

Dear friends,

We write to propose a united national conference against education cuts and for free education and to invite student campaigning organisations and occupations to be a co-organiser of this.

Whilst groups and occupations will continue to organize a whole range of local, regional and national activities - which will continue to put the Tory-led government under considerable pressure – we believe that a national, unified conference will strengthen the whole movement. We believe there is considerable enthusiasm amongst students for such an initiative.

The aim would be to have a united national conference in the next academic term organised by all those campaigns, Student Unions and sections of NUS, and occupations that have so successfully organised actions over recent weeks against higher fees and education cuts following the NUS leaderships' failure to build on the successful national demo of November 10.

To this end we believe representatives from all participating groups should meet at a convenient time and place in the week beginning Monday 10th January 2011.

We hope that you will able to participate in this initiative which we believe will facilitate greater collaboration between all those who wish to seriously fight to defend our education.

In solidarity,

Free Education Campaign

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